Saturday, February 18, 2006

Here is Dorian with his "MUM" shirt on.
Ash and Dorian digging out the weeds from the garden. We will be planting soon.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines day!

This is my first entry in our blog! I thought it would be fun to have this to share with our family near and far.

Dorian is now 3.5 years old! We still cant believe he will be 4 in just 6 months. It seems like just yesterday we brought him home. Now he is a walking, talking, determined, lovable little man. It has been amazing to watch him learn how to walk, talk and become this person that is so wonderful.
I feel so blessed to be his mother..

Dorian favorite thing right now is to go on his swing! He loves to go "high as the moon!" and dad is only capable of that! Anytime I try he says "No mum, high to the moon like dad!" and then I try and then Dorian says "Noooo like daddy!"
Dorian would live outside if he could. He loves playing in the dirt, throwing the ball for Wyatt and just looking at all the amazing things that are outside to explore. The other day Ash and Dorian were on a walk. Dorian picked out a yellow flower for me and told Ash that I would like a yellow flower. So he brought it to the hut for me. And of course I thought it was the cutest thing in the world. So a few days pass and we were at home and I was folding clothes and he was in his room talking to himself saying "Mum would like a yellow flower, that will make her real, real happy."
Moments like that I hope I never will forget.

Dorian always talks about the beach and last weekend the weather was finally nice enough to go! We all had so much fun. The weather ended up being really nice for the "Oregon beach". We played on the beach and just relaxed for the day. We will defiantly being going alot more as spring/summer comes around.
Ash of course misses the beach and Dorian seems to be a born beach bum!