Sunday, September 19, 2010

Newest addition!

Meet the newest addition to our family, Pumpkin!
We got her, well we think it is a her, Memorial day weekend. She fits right in and is so much fun!
The two get along great!
Kitty Bunny.
"Jersey" girl. :)
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Camping trip!

We headed out camping with the family. We had alot of fun!

Mom and Jamie.
We stuffed a blow up mattress in our van, it was too big for the van though. It was less than comfy but we made it. ;)
Skeleton boy building a dam in the river.
Our doggie, Wyatt.
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camping cont...

Taking a walk at the camp ground.
Kids playing down at the river.
It was our nieces birthday, I made cupcake cones. :) She is pretending to blow out the candles because we forgot to bring some.

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