Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A few photos from this week

Dorian's huge new frisbee from Grandma and Papa
Waiting outside to walk up to the library with his new dog.
Climbing the walls!
Wyatt and Dorian (Dorian is all wet from running in the sprinklers!).
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our baby is really 7!

7 years ago he was born, time flies when you are in love.
In 7 years we have watched this little person grow, learn, love and just be.
He is such an amazing person. He is funny, smart, loving, cheeky, creative and did I say cheeky?!
We feel so lucky to have such a wonderful person in our life, and he is our son.

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7th Birthday

Dorian picked to go out to Chuckie Cheese for his real birthday. Ash was lucky enough to have the day off from work and we were able to head out early to enjoy it much less crowded than when e have gone before. Dorian played almost all his coins on the skeeball. Ash loved it too. I was horrible at it. Then he got a bag of fairy floss for the ride home and um ya, it was alittle messy.

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7th Birthday party

Dorian got a hyge water squirter for his birthday, he put it to good use!
The lil' cousins!
The crew!
Dorian takes pinata bashing seriously.
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7th Birthday party

Grandma and Dorian
Dorian opening presents

Blowing out his candles!
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7 is fun

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Pressies from down under- Thank you Granddad and Nanny!

Dorian has wanted a $50 note FOREVER and look what nanny sent him!
Then he opened the gift granddad sent him and it was a HUGE Lego set, he was so excited!

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