Thursday, August 30, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

This is what happens when a mosquito bites your eye!

They say there is a first time for everything, and Dorian had his first mosquito bite on the eye!
It bite him right under the eye, his poor eye and nose have been swollen going on 3 days now.
The first night it got swollen almost completely shut, Dorian was of course scared when that happened but we gave him some antihistamine medication and it went down after about 10-15 mins after that to just a swollen eye. He is still sleeping now, but I can see its still swollen (day 3) but getting better. His pediatrian said it could take awhile and that bites around the eyes get very swollen.. yep, they sure do. So now you have heard the newest news from us!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Canby Fair!

We went to the fair last night and had a wonderful time!
We went with Erin's mom, Bud, Jamie, Shelby, Matt and his girlfriend Lisa.
The kids had a great time, minus the ride Dorian went on and figured out rides are not his thing, that OK Ash does not like them either! They loved watching the rodeo and looking at all the animals. Click here for the photos from our night at the fair!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two days off!

We took Saturday off and we always have Sunday off! We went to Erin's cousins wedding on Saturday and had a good time and then there was a small get together at Erin's parents house after. Then today we relaxed and slept in and then went down to Wilsonville park were they have walking trails along the water and walked those for a few hours, we had a really great time! Then went and got smoothies and headed home. Now we have been just relaxing more and watching movies. Good weekend! Click here for photos of us on our walk!

Dorian is 5!

August 3rd has come and gone, we have a 5 year old!
He had such a wonderful birthday and birthday party! When he woke up on his birthday we went down to the coffee shop to open gifts and then we all came back and he got his "big present" from mum and dad, a ride on 4 wheeler or as he calls it a "ninja bike".
Then we went over and had pizza at Erin's parents house and grandpa and grandma from Arizona (Dorian's great grandparents) came down for Dorian's birthday and also Uncle James and Uncle Matt were there. Then after dinner we headed off to the movies to see Ratatouille!

Then on Sunday the 5th was his birthday party and we had a wonderful time.
All the kids and adults had alot of fun. Click here are the photos from his birthday and birthday party.