Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun at the farm!

Another beautiful day was given to us! We had little cousin Dalilah for the day and the little girl I watch, so we headed out to the farm for some fun. It was alittle chilly, but it is not raining!

Dorian looking up at the goats on the platform.
Picking flowers..
Cousin Dalilah kissed her first goat!! :)
The kiddos feeding the bunnies.
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more fun at the farm...

Cousins are the best!
A beautiful white horse. ;)
Playing in the "nut house".
Dorian collecting grass.
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Making Rice Krispy Treats= Yum!

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Mix Masta Dorian

Dorian got the electronic drums from Grandpa McDonald for Christmas. He loves playing with them and then he sets up his keyboard next to them and jams away.
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The sun finally came out to play!

I could not believe it today when we woke up the sun was out! I packed up the kids and off to the park we went. We had SO much fun, I am so looking forward to spring.
Climbing the trees!
He is getting so big, bittersweet.
Cheeky Monkey.
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more photos from the park....

The big slide.
Running up the volcano!
Swinging and pretending to be superman!
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Warning: Kitten look cute and cuddly, but attacks out of know where.

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Daddy is a pretty pretty princess...

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