Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Here is Dorian at his friend's bday party!
His is cheeky as you can see!
The last pic is Dorian at the water park in Wilsonville.
Today we went with his friends and it was alot of fun.
It was really nice out today, the weather is going down
hill though after today! More rain and gloomy sky.

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Here is Dorian watering grandmas flowers. He would give the flowers a drink and then give himself one! Also, a pic of our garden. This is when we just planted. We now have starts of pumpkins and tomato's!

Dorian also planted sunflower seeds and ALL of those have sprouted up, so he will have about 15-20 sunflowers to tend to! He loves watching them grow and loves watering everything. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day 2006!
Happy mum's day! Here are 2 pics of Erin, Dorian and her mum.
Also, last years (2005) pic of Erin & Dorian.
We had a wonderful night. We went out to dinner to Red Robin
with Erin's parents and brother, then went out to Cold Stone
Creamery Ice Cream shop. We had a really great time.
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We painted outside the other day.
I ran inside to get a drink, and I came back only a min later
and Dorian had painted himself! He was very proud of his "work"!
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Dorian's latest art projects.
First 2 pics- He loves band-aids as you can see!
3rd pic- He made this out of clay and said it was his
cousin Meagan.
4th pic- He went crazy with the post it notes!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The weather is getting nice here in good old Oregon, finally!
We are able to have dinners outside and play outside without getting soaked and cold.

Dorian loves looking for "tato bugs" and worms. Ash and Dorian got our garden all ready to plant seeds today. We will plant for sure tomato's and pumpkins, I would love to do raspberries but I have heard they are very hard to start. So, we will see. Dorian has talked all day about how the pumpkins will grow. He remembers from last year. He was standing in the middle of the garden and told Ash "Pour water on me so I will grow!". SOOOO SWEET!!! I told him that he was big enough already, we don't want him to grow anymore!

Dorian is counting to 11 and is getting the ABC down. He still mixes them up some times, but when he says them when no one is looking he always says them correctly. He loves coloring, playing with clay, LOVES band-aids, hunting ghosts and just running around like a wild man and getting into trouble when he can! He is a wonderful little boy.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

We went to the BEACH!!! It was a windy day, but it was still alot of fun. We went to a beach we have never been to before. Its called Cannon Beach. It is home of Haystack Rock which is 235 feet high, and is the third largest coastal monolith in the world.
Here is more about Cannon Beach:


We had alot of fun. Dorian just loves the beach and he
already asked to go back the same day, so we will go back very soon.
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Here are some more pics of us playing!

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Ashar VS the Kite!!
This kite gave us a run for our money.
It was AWFUL to put together, and in the end the thing would
not fly! There was plenty of wind but the "dragons" wings would
not stay up! We tried over and over. I think some, or I should
say most people watching us were getting in a good laugh!

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On our way home this car was on the side of the road in flames!
The driver was on the side of the road with 1 police car.
We drove by it and the heat off of it was amazing.
It felt like you opened up an over when we put the window down
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We went to Fir Point Farms which is a local produce stand and
they also have animals. I ran out of batteries in the camara so
only got 2 photos. We went with Dorians buddies, Avery & Sissy.
We had a picnic lunch. The kids love it there. They have
goats, sheep, a BIG pig & bunny rabbits.
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