Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's Friday i'm in love!

Friday we started the "weekend" off with heading to a indoor play place called, Pump It Up we grandma and some of Dorian's friends. It is all inflatable jumping, bouncing, obstacle courses and slides! The kids had a blast!

Friday night we headed out to the movies to see, The Hunger Games. It was great! We went at 9:30pm and did not get out until 11:50pm.. Long movie, but worth it!

Saturday we had some beautiful weather and headed out to downtown Portland to hit up a few comic book stores. We spent a few hours looking through comic books at 2 different stores.

We came home and went straight outside to soak up that vitamin D! We played baseball and Ash did a ton of yard work, thank goodness he makes the yard look lovely!
The dogs even enjoyed the sun! This is Wyatt (right) with the doggie we dog sit, her name is Abbey.
Today we are just hanging out and relaxing, played outside and working on a few projects in the house. I think we will head out for a bite to eat here in a bit. LOVE the weekends!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snow in March.. AGAIN!

We had another snow fall starting Wednesday night! We of course ran out to check it out around 10pm, here is Dorian and Ash.
Our little snow angel
Dorian and Wyatt
Dorian and Bailey, the little girl we care for playing out in the snow.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Comics and some VooDoo

Today we headed out to downtown Portland to go to some comic book store and then we went to a pretty famous donut shop called, VooDoo donuts. We had heaps of fun!

The boy sifting through comics
Ivy monster outside of VooDoo
The "VooDoo" donut, delicious!
The boys with our pink box full of donuts which says, "good things come in pink boxes".

Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Little boy, big world

Thursday we woke up to huge amounts of rain and horrid wind. We decided a trip to the pet store would be perfect. We headed there and held puppies, looked at the fishes and watched the huge tortoises walk around the shop.
Today (Friday) we woke up to the sun peeking through the blinds saying, "come play with me!". We headed out for a lovely walk to the local chocolate store and picked up some goodies for after lunch.

This tree has always been a favorite of mine, ut has been downtown since I lived here.
I say there is gnomes living in that tree. I always tell Dorian to knock on the door. Dorian thinks I am weird since he is very much a realist.
You can see the amount of rain we got yesterday by the massive puddles around town.
Dorian's cousin Meagan is over for the night, they are out playing with bubbles right now. Hopefully the rain will hold off a bit more for the weekend. :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring brings... SNOW?

Yep, it is true we had snow on March the 13th! The night of the 12th we were all up until about midnight and saw the snow start to fall, we could not believe it. When we went to bed it was just starting to stick. We woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow. It was a nice surprise. Dorian had a great time in it. We built a snowman, played snow baseball and made snowcones!

Here comes the sun!

We had a few days of beautiful sun shine. As soon as I saw the beautiful sun peeking through the blinds that morning I knew it was a day for the park! We headed out to a local park and ran around until our legs were tired. The little girl in the photos is Bailey, we have cared for her for almost a year.

Kee came over for a little bit. Every week he is getting bigger and now he is starting to coo. Dorian loves trying to get him to coo and he loves holding him.
And of course when the sun comes out you will for sure see these two boys running around the backyard.

A flash back...

The blog has been sitting here for awhile with no updates. I guess life is getting in the way, but here I am doing a photo dump to update everyone! Here are a few photos from Jan-present.

Dorian a few months back really wanted a fish, so we decided we would get one. His name is Smiggle, this is his cool tank.
Here is Ashy and me on our 10 year anniversary on Jan 13th!
My grandpa was in Oregon for a long visit, we loved having him here. Here is Dorian playing a game with him.
This is me with out new little nephew, Keegan, born at the very end of December.
A new place we found about 20 mins away. It is a HUGE indoor trampoline place. It is so much fun! They have a homeschool jump on Monday's and I am taking Dorian and some of his friends 1-2 times a month to go jump.
Dorian playing with some dominos.
Ash and Dorian playing bball.
Dorian holding his little cousin, Kee.
Here is Dorian at a comic book store going through Pokemon cards.