Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Here is Dorian with his loot!


When SUPER HEROS fight!!!!!

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Here is our lil guy as spiderman!
We had a great halloween. We went to mom and Buds house and had dinner. Then we all went out and tricker-treated! The kids got alot of candy!
As you can see Dori and his buddy Avery have "big muscles!" they were showing eachother!

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Here we are carving our pumpkins! Dorian really enjoyed cutting it.
He however did not like the inside! Dad got all the yucky stuff out and then mom made the faces and then he cut them out. Dorians is the "scary" one. Thats Kait the little girl we watch in the backround!

The far right is the mason jar pumpkin he made with tissue paper.
The face cant be seen as its not facing the correct way.

They all came out very cute!

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