Saturday, April 28, 2012


What a fun day today was! We all slept in and enjoyed a relaxing morning. Wyatt got dropped off at the groomers and we headed out to Portland. We stopped first at a great little place called, Chopsticks and had teriyaki chicken and rice. The sun was beaming and we sat right next to the window people watching as we ate. We then went to, Ground Kontrol arcade and had so much fun playing the games. We then came home and did yard work and chilled. Dorian has wanted a Nintendo 3D DS for awhile now and has been saving him money. Today he sold a game he had and had enough money to go buy it! This was a ton of money to save and we are so proud of him for saving and him selling his stuff to buy it. Here he is with it just after we got home with it. He is super stoked! 

Fun in the sun!

We had a beautiful day last Monday so Dorian and I added cold water to the hot tub and made it a swimming pool! It was so much fun!

Dorian and Ash take a walk every night after dinner and sometimes Wyatt and I join.
It has been so nice that the sun stays out later, we are able to enjoy the nights more.

Dorian and Bailey playing. I call this, trike wars. :)

Our very cool doggie, Wyatt.

Some photos from March 28-April 11

Dorian with his littlest cousin, Keegan. Dorian is so great with the babies. 

Dorian and Bailey the little girl we care for playing. He calls her a "thug" and she attacks him. It is really fun to watch them together.

 Dorian balancing, that is our house infront of him. 

This was on my 29th birthday on April 1st! With my mama getting a pedicure. 

Dorian and cousin Meagan at the park

Dorian and cousin Meagan playing in the front yard with bubbles 
when we had a few nice days!

This is a VooDoo donuts, Dorian just chillin waiting for donuts. :)

Here is the box they come in and we bought this beer to share on Easter with everyone. It is a VooDoo donuts beer, Bacon Maple Ale. It was a different taste! HA!