Sunday, September 10, 2006

Well, no pictures this post. Our digital camera broke last weekend! We were at the park and dropped it! Hopefully we can get one this week. Everything has been going well.
Last week I started watching the little girl I watch after school. We also went to the new park in Wilsonville which is a town about 10 mins away. The park is really great! It has a rock climbing wall, a huge volcano type climber with sand all around, 2 sand boxes one of which has actually water that runs into it to make sand castles! And, a huge slide that is built into the ground. There is also a water park there. So, its alot of fun!

Dorian has been a huge chatter box. He talks and talks and get my drift!
He talks about alot of stuff and some stuff you wonder where in the world he heard or came up with it! He loves catching bugs and looking at them in his bug catcher. He also loves playing with his cars.

This week we have a busy schedule. Tuesday Ash and mom are taking Dorian to the zoo.
Then on Wed my friend Jessica and her 2 kids and Dorian and I will be going to the Oregon Garden for there Homeschool Day. There will be a bunch of activities for the kids to do. It should be alot of fun, I have never been there. Then Saturday night we head to Champoege park to camp out in our tent. Mom and Bud will be there along with Doug and Robin and there 2 grandkids and I think Jessica and her hubby and kids will come down for Sat dinner. It should be alot of fun! Dorian will be starting his preschool curriculum end of September or early October, whenever we receive it in the mail. We think he should enjoy it!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sad and shocking news came yesterday as most people know.
Steve Irwin AKA The Croc Hunter passed away.
It hits home for us, Dorian just loved watching Wiggly Safari with Steve. We love watching the croc hunter as well.
The world has lost a great man and the greatest advocate for animals.
And, of course most of all Terri has lost her husband and Bob and Bindi have lost a wonderful dad.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

We have to brag! Today Dorian for the first time wrote letters! It was so odd since he was just coloring a picture in and then suddenly said "This is an L, this is a R and this is an O!" And wrote all three letters in a row. In the picture its left to right: L, R and O.
We were so shocked he just came out and did that all on his own! Posted by Picasa