Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We have been busy..

Playing chess and card games...
Babysitting his new cousin for the first time!

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Sunday, November 02, 2008


This year we headed out with Grandma, Aunt Jamie, Uncle Matt, cousin's Shelby and Dalilah and also the 2 kiddos on the right side of the photo James and Kait are the 2 kiddos we watch, they came along with there mom and dad as well! It was a great time! The kids got lots of candy and walked soo much!



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Below is a slideshow as Blogger is not letting me post more than 4 photos at a time.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween slideshow 2008!

Treating at Grandpa's home

We went to Grandpa's/Great Grandpa's home on Thursday 30th for some treating and a chilli dinner.
The kids got a TON of candy.
Haunted hall
Great Grandpa with baby Dalilah
Super stars!
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Dorian's photos

We were outside doing our weights the other night and Dori wanted to take photos. Here is what he got!

Daddy doing his squats!
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Carving the pumpkins!

Here we are carving the pumpkins! I think Ash's favorite part was cleaning them out, hahah! He is such a good sport. We all had a good time making faces on them.

After we finished the 2 together Dorian did one all on his own, well dad cleaned it out and he carved it!
It is the cutest (whops, I mean SCARIEST!) pumpkin we have ever seen!
He did such a great job. He was very proud of it.


Look at this cute little guy we found while gearing the yard up for the rain.
Dorian was sooo excited and put a bunch of slugs in the bug house for him.
We only kept him until Ash came home and then we put Mr or Mrs Frog back where we found him so he could go home.

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Autumn in Oregon

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Halloween at the zoo part 2

We headed off again (here is last year) to the zoo on Sunday, Oct 26th for the Zoo's Halloween Trick-or-Treat with cousin Shelby and Grandma. We had such a great time!

New baby elephant! So cute!
Grandma enjoying the zoo
Luke Skywalker!