Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bye Uncle James!

James (Erin's brother) just left today for Ban Phe, Thailand! He is taking a course to learn to teach English as a foreign language.

Quote from a website:
Ban Phe is a sleepy and quaint fishing village 180 km south of Bangkok, and perfectly situated along the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Thailand. This coastal village is a friendly one, and offers a direct view into the daily life of the local Thai people. Several excellent Thai and seafood restaurants and many great shopping venues can be found throughout Ban Phe.

And Ban Phe's close proximity to Bangkok allows for easy weekend trips for job interviews, apartment hunting, or simply a fun weekend in a thrilling city! Immerse yourself completely into the daily life of Thai culture.

We know he will be gone anywhere from 6 months to a year or two.. or three?
We will miss him alot!! Dorian and him love playing and joking around. But, we know he will have a wonderful time traveling and seeing the world.

Halloween at the Zoo!

It was our first year going to Halloween at the Zoo. It was so much fun. They had it set up like a scavenger hunt and you ran around getting stamps on your "passport" then at the end you turned it in for a goodie bag. It was a beautiful Autumn day and not too cold, it was wonderful.

Power Ranger on a mission!
Looks like they could take down the sun bear and Black bear...
other than that they are in BIG trouble!
On a mission to find candy.
Even the Amur Tiger get a pumpkin. Only around 250 left of these guys in the wild. :(
Going home!

Trick or Treating at Great Grandpa Coburn's!

We went to the trick or treat and chili feed at Great Grandpa Coburn's place last Friday.
It was alot of fun and Dorian got some goodies!

Power Ranger Dorian
Dorian and Mummy
Haunted Hall
Ash, Dorian and Grandma
Dorian and cousin Shelby

Monday, October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Patch!

We went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday and it was alot of fun!
We went with mom, Aunt Jamie, Uncle Matt, Shelby and Meagan.
The kids had so much fun, Dorian was alittle unsure about all of it at first but then came around and had a blast! Here are the photos, click HERE!

Fun in the hot tub!

Here is Ashar and Dorian at mom and Buds house in the hot tub!

Dorian's new dentist!

We found a wonderful dentist for Dorian to go to. They have therapy dogs which is great for Dorian and even gerbils to feed! This is Madison and Dorian was laying down right there with her for his exam!
And the sleeping gerbils!

Jeff's Birthday Party!

It was Jeff's (Erin's brothers) birthday party on Oct 8th. The party was at mom ad Bud's house.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Trip to the zoo!

Look at these two, could not be any cuter!
As you can see the leaves are changing and its cold.

This bear is never out and we finally saw him!

We went last Sunday and had a really good time. It was members day so we got 3 free little reusable lunch sacks that are actually really nice. We also did a zoo passport which was you got a zoo passport and went to different "stations" around the zoo to get stamps. Dorian was on a mission and we went and did them all, there was no time for even looking at the animals!
He got a tattoo at the exit of the zoo for getting it all stamped.


Here are Dorian and Ashar in there new pajamas! Dorian being cheeky as always.