Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun at the state park!

For our Sunday family dinner we meet up at the state park which is about 30 mins away from home. Had lots of fun and the kids all got worn out.

Here is Dorian going down on his little cousins trike which the nicknamed "the magical baby bike!".
The chipmunks eat right out of your hands and also will sit on your lap!
Dorian taking a break in the grass.
This was pretty funny, Ash and Matt trying to ride the tandem bike (which the back is kid sized) and that is mom pushing them! It was great fun!
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Watering can

Dorian having fun with the watering can!

Dorian wondering why he is all wet now, hm, wonder why?
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A few random pictures from May

Our boy.
Haha, Dorian acting crazy as usual.
Dorian checking the mail on Ash's lunch break.
Our kitty Indy.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grandpa in Australia sent some cool stuff!

Dorian got a package from grandpa in Australia the other day. He went to the Easter Show and got Dorian a "show bag"! Dorian LOVES everything, it is all Star Wars stuff. Here are a few pics.

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