Saturday, December 30, 2006

Here is Dorian... I mean Power Ranger Dorian!
He takes his power rangers very seriously.
We had a busy week. Erin watched a few different kids as its school holidays. We went to the park a few times and also play land. This weekend we will be relaxing. We will be getting together with Erin's brother Jeff and Dorian's cousin Meagan on Sunday to have pizza and do some fireworks for New Years Eve. I cant believe its almost 2007!We had a great 2006, we can only hope 2007 brings a lot of good times.
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Photos of Christmas at Grandpa & Grandma:

1st- Mum and Dorian
2nd- Shelby and Dorian
3rd- Grandma made home made bread!
4rd- Grandpa with 13 pounds of beef!

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More photos:

1st-Dorian with his doodlebear he wanted!
2nd- Dorian looking at the calander his Aunt Elise, Uncle Tony and cousins sent us from Australia.
3rd- Daddy and Dorian
4th- Ashar merry and bright!

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We had such a wonderful christmas! Dorian loved all the things he got. Here are some photos.

1st- Christmas Eve Santa came!
2nd- Night before christmas. Dorian & Aussie fast asleep.
3rd- Wyatt gets his treats from Santa.
4th- Opening his pressie from Grandpa in Australia.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Thursday we went with Grandma, and the kids that I watch to the Wilsonville Winter Fun Fest. We got to make Gingerbread houses and also got to see Santa. Dorian was not keen on talking or looking at Santa so I told him what Dorian wanted.

1st pic- Santa, Mum And Dorian
2nd- Nose picking and cookies, best of both worlds! He would only take a pic like this.
3rd- Grandma & Dorian getting there stuff for the gingerbread house.
4th- Dorian with his gingerbread house.

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Here are some more photos at the Zoo Lights.
1st pic- Grandma, Grandpa and the kids.
2nd- Dorian, Dad & Bear
3rd- Dorian smelling a flower
4th- Zoo band

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Here we are at the Zoo Lights last Sunday. It was VERY cold!
Bud and cousin Meagan. It was really beautiful. The kids loved it. We also went on the zoo lights train and the kids reallllyy liked that! We will make it a yearly trip.

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Here are a few photos of Dorian just being Dorian!
Also Dorian & Daddy being lazy on a Sunday morning.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

We had a good week. Tue Ash took Dorian to the zoo. They had a lot of fun. Luckily the rain held off that morning. It has been raining almost all week.They picked up a zoo pass, so now we can go whenever we want and monkey around! We had Dorians friends Avery & Charlize over on Wed for a play date. They had a lot of fun running around and being loud. We had a nasty storm last night. We did not loose power, but a lot of people are still without power around the area.

This weekend we are going to Dorians friends James' bday party. Then Sun we are going to the zoo lights with Bud & mom and also cousin Meagan. We are all excited to go.

Here are some photos.
1- Dorian on his trampoline. He loves jumping and acting like a ninja.
2- The most beautiful thing in the world.
3- Dorian monkeying around at the zoo.
4- Found this pic and could not hold back putting it up. My two favorite boys in the world. Dorian was about 10 months old.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dorian had his 4 year check up yesterday. Alittle late but the office is always booked up. He did really well. He is now:

41 Inches/104 Centimeters tall
38 pds/ 17.24 Kilos

He passed his hearing and eye tests with flying colors.
She said he is right on target with all development.
He still has his heart murmur, but she says its innocent. She said he will grow out of it and it could come and go with age. Ashar has the same thing. When we went in he brought his new power ranger that his grandpa from California got him while he was visiting and accidentally left it in the waiting room and when we came out it was gone! Some little person must have snagged it. Dad took him after the appt and got him another one. He was quite upset and was saying "that was my special green ranger my grandpa got me, that's not nice some boy took it!".
After we got home we got out all the ornaments for the tree! Dorian had alot of fun. He got to put the star on top, and also showed how he "was the star"!

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Here we are cutting down our xmas tree! We went to Oregon City which is about 20 mins away.
Dorian loved helping. He got his own li
ttle tree too.

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